Language Acquisition (ELL)

Samantha Ancona

English Language Learners Math


Jillea Bueso




I teach English in the Intensive English Language Center at Meredith; otherwise known as the IELC. I have been teaching since 2002, but have been working in the schools and with students since 1996. I graduated from Hoover in 1991, Cornell College in 1995 and received my Masters from Drake in 2002. I also attended William Penn to receive my English Language Learner (ELL) endorsement. I love teaching ELLs and I love learning from them even more. I have taught students from around the globe. I feel like I have virtually travelled to their countries when I learn their stories. I hope you take time to learn the stories of the people around you! Everybody has a story.

Erin Maxon

6th Grade ELL


Class Description

Course Purpose

“Students need to develop an appreciation of the nature of language and literature, of the many influences on language and literature, and of its power and beauty.  They will be encouraged to recognize that proficiency in language is a powerful tool for communication in all societies.  Furthermore, language and literature incorporates creative processes and encourages the development of imagination and creativity through self-expression.”

from the MYP Language and Literature Guide, copyright 2014 (page 4)


Unit One:  That’s My Story, and I’m Sticking To It!                             Semester One

An inquiry into how to use text evidence to support our thinking, looking at different points of view, and writing a narrative. We will be using nonfiction and fiction texts to teach each standard.  We will also be reading the novel “Schooled” by Gordon Korman.


Unit Two:  Extra, Extra!  Read All About It!                                          Semester One


An inquiry into how to determine central idea and how to compare nonfiction texts.  This unit will primarily use nonfiction texts and a comparing graphic organizer to help students organize their thinking.


Unit Three:  With a Little Help from My Friends                                 Semester Two

An inquiry into story elements such as plot, characters, setting, etc. and themes across different genres/types of text.  The students will also be working on being able to collaborate in discussion groups.  The unit will be conducted through a novel unit using different texts.  Students will be able to have some choice in the reading they do in this unit.


Unit Four:  Don’t Stop Believin’                                                               Semester Two

An inquiry into evaluating argument.  Students will be identifying the different claims in an argument as well as identifying the reasons with evidence the author gives.  Nonfiction texts will be used during this unit.  Students will also be evaluating the strong claims versus those that are not well supported.


Unit Five:  What Makes a Good Story                                                   Semester Two

An inquiry into writing a personal narrative.  Students will have the use of graphic organizers to help them organize their thinking, brainstorm topic ideas and then create a narrative about them.  They will include elements taught earlier in the year such as plot, characters, and setting.  They will also include sensory details.




Lisa Rooney

7th Grade Math




Name:  Lisa Rooney

Subject Area:  Math

Grade:  7th Grade

College(s) attended:  Iowa State University

Years teaching:  17

Years at Meredith:  11

What you enjoy about teaching here:  Students and families

Greatest hope for my students:  I want students to feel inspired.

Learner profile trait that motivates me:  Caring


Marlou Soyer

ELL Reading



I am a 2002 graduate of Upper Iowa University. I received my Masters in Education from Drake University in 2009. I began my teaching career at Merrill Middle School as a part-time Language Arts/Reading Teacher in 2002. For the past nine years I have taught Language Arts/Reading and Global Studies at Meredith Middle School.

Kathryn Winger




I have been teaching ELL (English Language Learners) at Meredith Middle School since 2001. I have enjoyed being involved with students and families that are from so many different places in the world. Our ELL program at Meredith expands beyond the school day with additional English enrichment programs after school and on Saturday's. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy camping, traveling, and NASCAR with my husband, Doug and children Colin and Amanda.