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Meredith Student-Athlete Code Of Conduct

Meredith student-athletes are coached to be prepared for the rigors of balancing an academic and athletic work load. They represent themselves and their school on and off campus as well as on and off the location of play.  We appreciate you modeling caring, principled behavior from the stands and sidelines as you support our athletes.


Athletics and Activities Code of Conduct

Athletic Schedule



Fall Sport Coaches

Football: Michael Dean
VolleyballElizabeth Wilson, Heather Zrucky 
Girls XC: Jessica Helton
Boys XC: Jessica Helton

Winter Sports Coaches:

Girls Basketball:  Angela Helgens, Jocelyn Valadez
Wrestling:  Jared Cochran
Boys Basketball:  Sal Aguirre


Spring Sports Coaches:

Girls Track: Heather Zrucky, Annie Edelman, Justin Gutknecht 
Boys Track: Michael Dean, Melissa Meier
Boys Soccer: Sal Aguirre, Michaela Graffunder
Girls Soccer: Lauren Baeth, Jocelyn Valadez, Joel Swanson