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Involvement in activities outside of the classroom makes school much more enjoyable.  Getting involved is a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people, explore new interests, and have fun.  There are long-term benefits as well: it looks good on college applications and job applications, and it shows admissions officers and employers that you’re well-rounded and responsible. Studies show that kids who are involved in activities are less likely to be at risk for substance use, delinquency, and school dropout.  Be involved and be successful!

Browse through the pages in the links to the right for information on Meredith’s sports, clubs, and other activities.  Your student can also check out the activities board by the student entrance, main office  or come see Mr. Hurst for more information!


James Hurst
Student Engagement Coordinator
(515) 242-7250 

Meredith Expectations

Meredith students are expected to embrace the IB Learner Profile Traits not only in our classrooms, but on the courts, fields, and mats as well. Join us in encouraging your students to be principled, caring, balanced, knowledgeable and reflective risk-takers as they engage in activities.  We appreciate you modeling caring, principled behavior from the stands and sidelines as you support our athletes.

Clubs and Activities

Brother 2 Brother: DeMarco Lowery
Chess Club: Abe Goldstein
Chysalis Girls Group: Jenn Murphy
Dance: Debbie Terry
Fandom D&D:  Chealsee Klindt
Tech Club: Courtney Thomas
Global Guitars: Janette Gerdes
Jazzband: Jim Novak
Meredith Gamers: Jared Cochran
Midpoint Poets: Tyeria McGregor
Orchestra Club: Lisa Fried
Sisters 4 Success: Tyeria McGregor
Student Leadership: Jenn Good & Jillea Bueso
Top Group: CYC Sponsors
Unified Sports: Kristin Elings
Yarn Club: Chealsee Klindt
Yearbook: Courtney Thomas & Molly Lauck

Transportation Info

The activities late bus  will run at 5:15 pm Monday thru Friday.