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4827 Madison Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50310
Phone: 515-242-7250 | Fax: 515-242-8291

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Meredith Mission Statement:

Meredith learners…

  • are proud and positive people who demonstrate leadership and service through our daily actions.
  • are accountable for excellence in and out of the classroom.
  • are welcoming of diversity and the opportunity to learn with and from each other.
  • are socially responsible and respectful citizens who seek to better ourselves, our communities and the world.

Did you know…
Meredith has an after school activity bus that runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:30pm.

Please see this map for route information. (Bus will drop students off at additional locations upon request.)

All Events
  • First Day of School

  • Labor Day – No school

  • Professional Development – No School

  • No School – May be reserved for conferences

  • Professional Development – No school