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Emily Anderson

6th Individuals and Societies


Tam Bartlett

6th Grade Special Education - English/Language Arts & Humanities support




Name:  Tam Bartlett

Subject Area:  Language Arts and Literacy, Global Studies

Grade:  6

College(s) attended:  Marshalltown Community College, Buena Vista University, and Drake University

Years teaching:  15

Years at Meredith: 15

What I enjoy about teaching here:  Meredith is my neighborhood school, and I enjoy seeing students outside of school in the neighborhood.

Greatest hope for my students:  That they become lifelong readers and learners.

Learner profile trait that motivates me:  Risk Take

Additional information:  In my free time I enjoy reading, movies, cross-stitching,  andwalking my dog.

Patrick Brennan

7th Grade Individuals & Societies

P: 242-7250 | E:

Ben Buchan

6th Grade Global Studies



Name: Ben Buchan

Subject Area: Humanities/ Global Studies

Grade: 6th

College(s) attended: Indian Hills CC, Upper Iowa University

Years teaching: 15

Years at Meredith: 4

What I enjoy about teaching here: The diversity that staff and students get to work with on a daily basis

Greatest hope for my students: That they get to the point that they’re not so interested in the “right answer” as much as they are the journey to get to that answer.  Also, that the students consider themselves to be deep thinkers with a worldly view

Learner profile trait that motivates me:  Balanced

Additional information:

I am lucky, my favorite subject is social studies and I get to teach it.  So every day is a learning experience for me as I dig into a subject that interests me.  I have been married 10 years and am a proud father of 4 (2 girls and 2 boys).  I love sports and coach 8th grade basketball here at Meredith and Varsity Baseball at Hoover.

Adam Freese

7th Grade Individuals & Societies


Steven Gade

8th Grade Civics


Jim Tegeler

7th Global Studies



I have been a teacher in Des Moines since 1987 and at Meredith for 16 years. It is exciting to see the transformation that is taking place at our school! I am married and have lived in Des Moines all my life.